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    The True Voice of <br>Baltimore

    The True Voice of

    My name is Shazia Shah and I hope to be your Maryland State Delegate from legislative district 44B in Baltimore County. I have been a proud resident of Baltimore County for 30+ years.

    There is a dire need for change in our neighborhood and with the persistence of my children and family, I have decided to take a stand.

    Shazia Shah, a selfless leader that will fight and work to improve the livelihood of the residents of District 44B.

    Shazia Shah for
    District 44B

    Problem Highlights
    Revitalization of Security Mall Economic Corridor
    Revitalization of Security Mall Economic Corridor
    Open Space and<br> Recreation<br> Centers
    Open Space and
    Human & Drug <br>Trafficking
    Human & Drug
    More Circular<br> Buses
    More Circular
    Local School<br> Funding &<br> Capacity Building
    Local School
    Funding &
    Capacity Building
    Shazia Shah for<br> District 44B

    Shazia Shah - Running for 2022 election, Maryland

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    Shazia Shah is dedicated to listening. If you have an idea that could improve our community and district, we’d love to hear from you.

    We’re currently looking for volunteers. We’d love to hear from you!