Shazia Shah, Candidate Maryland

Shazia Shah is a long-time Baltimore County resident and has deep family roots in the county that she continues to call home.

Shazia Shah is a product of Baltimore County Public Schools, graduating from Woodlawn High School whereafter she went to Catonsville Community College of Baltimore County and then attended University of Maryland of Baltimore County (UMBC).

Shazia Shah continues to live here in Baltimore County with her husband and 4 children and learned the importance of family and community at a young age when she found herself having to help take care of 2 parents with cancer without health insurance and lost them both within 3 months of each other’s passing. She began to think about ways to end the inequality of our health care system so that everyone would be able to afford quality care. She has come to know how important it is for families and our seniors to have access to long-term care programs and the protection of Medicare and Medicaid.

As a business owner, Shazia understands that the most effective way to improve our district and community is by supporting entrepreneurship and new skills, as well as training and strengthening our local business corridors including Frederick Road, Baltimore National Pike Route 40, and Security Blvd especially Security Mall. When our local businesses grow, that will creates more jobs, which will improve our economy and help our district to thrive.

Shazia realizes that the importance of a great education starts with strong and well-performing schools. She will fight hard at eliminating the gaps in the education system. She will support Pre-K funding and Computer Science education for all schools. She knows education is the key to breaking down barriers to success and the path to middle-class jobs.

Shazia Shah, a selfless leader that will fight and work to improve the livelihood of the residents of District 44B.

Shazia Shah is committed to a Democratic platform that emphasizes public safety and recreation, education and job training, and community and business development. She has proven that she is a selfless leader that will fight and work to improve the livelihood of the residents of District 44B.

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